12274767_10153164805997805_5593292023313109084_nDanish health nut, living life to the fullest in Switzerland

Hi, I’m Stephanie. Welcome to Sweet Potatoes and Sunshine!

Let me start off with telling you why I have created this blog: because it makes me happy! In the kitchen is where I unwind after a long day of working. It is where I unfold my creativity. It is where I use all of my senses to create healthy, tasty recipes that I know are good for my body and soul.

Your body is the only house you have to live in for the rest of your life, so nothing could be more important than to treat it well. Right now a flexitarian diet is what I believe is right for me, so this is the style that you will find on this blog. However, a lot of the recipes I’ll be posting will be either vegan or vegetarian, as I do believe in limiting the consumption of animal products. So if you enjoy a mostly plant-based diet, this blog is for you.

I live in Zug, Switzerland with my American fiancé Lance and our 5 year-old Labrador Rusty. (I apologize in advance for the many pictures I will be posting of him. I’m a proud puppy mama!)

For me, practicing a healthy lifestyle is a never ending journey of continous learning and development. Learning is fun! I am hoping this blog can serve as a platform for conversations and laughs with likeminded friends. Join me, and let’s explore the wonders of nutritious eating and wellness together!



My curriculum vitae in brief:

  • Recruiting coordinator
  • Master of Human Resources
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Health and fitness nut, loving mommy of a lab named Rusty